Testing Website Performance And Speed Using Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard 

Every SEO provider, whether an agency or a freelance SEO manager knows that website performance and user experience play an important role in website ranking in search engines and conversion rates. Just as there are tools for checking keywords, rankings and tracking links, there are also excellent tools that help you optimize and improve the speed of your site.

In this guide, we will review a very powerful SEO tool, which is the best tool to test the speed and performance of your site and outperforms all other commonly used tools on the market. The tool is called The Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

What Does The SEO Dedicated Dashboard Do?

The SEO Dedicated Dashboard is an SEO tool that was initially developed by Semalt Experts in 2021. This tool has gained a great reputation among SEO agencies in the process of improving web speed due to its performance and ability to perform multiple tasks at once. The SEO Dedicated Dashboard tool is without a doubt the best tool on the market thanks to its multiple features. One of its features allows you to measure the speed and performance of your website. The tool itself has very diverse capabilities. Today we're going to largely address a part of this tool that is essential and necessary to improve the speed of your site. Nevertheless, at the end of this article, we will briefly go over the other features of this tool.

Basically, this SEO Dedicated Dashboard feature we want to talk about checks how a page is loading. When loading the page, some important metrics are recorded and catalogued, and then presented in the form of graphs, charts, and tables that help analyze page load issues and delays.

You can control several aspects of the analysis that the SEO Dedicated Dashboard will perform. For example, which platform to be used, from which device, from which browser the test will be performed.

But what we discuss here is a simplification of all the possibilities and capabilities of this tool. The SEO dedicated dashboard tool can do so many things, so much so that one could even write a book of over 200 pages to explain each of its features. Nevertheless, without reading a book about this tool you can easily use it to optimize and improve the performance of your site because the tool has been developed to the point where even SEO beginners can use it

Why Is The SEO Dashboard Better Than Other SEO Tools For Speed And Performance Testing?

Many of you perform speed and performance tests with tools such as Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Semrush. These are well-known SEO tools on the market. But these tools have very limited features, and that's what brings the SEO Dedicated Dashboard to take the top spot in performance and efficiency.

Let's discover the difference between Semalt's dedicated SEO dashboard and trendy analysis tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest and Semrush.


Seeing these differences between the SEO Dashboard and other tools we can simply conclude that it is without a doubt the most accurate tool to perform any SEO work.

Now, let's take a look at how the Dedicate SEO Dashboard can help you check the performance and loading speed of your site.

Check The Speed Of Your Site Using The Dedicated SEO Dashboard

Let's look at an example. We'll do that by following each step.

To get started, you need to access the Demo interface of the SEO Dedicated Dashboard. Then select the Page Speed Analyzer in the audit section.

Then, enter the domain name of your site in the search bar of the tool's interface.

Now you can launch the search and after a few seconds you will see the results appear on this form:

Let's look at the results:

Analysis Of WebPageTest Results

Once the test is complete you will find that you have received a lot of information, much more than I can cover in the scope of this guide. Let's focus on the main things for now.

The first thing you will notice at the top right of the screen is a set of scores on the most critical issues at the performance level. These cover some basic optimization actions that are relevant to each site and any other score that justifies a more rewarding test.

Based on these results, you can know what action to take to improve the loading speed of your site.

We have just discovered how to analyze the loading speed with the SEO Dashboard.

Now let's find out how we can analyze the performance of our site with this tool.

Check The Performance Of Your Site Using The Dedicate SEO Dashboard

To get started, you need to access the Demo interface of the SEO Dedicated Dashboard. Then select the Webpage analyzer in the audit section.

Then, enter the domain name of your site in the search bar of the tool's interface.

Now you can launch the search and after a few seconds you will see the results appear on this form:

Discover Other Functionalities Of The Dedicated SEO Dashboard

As we mentioned at the beginning, the SEO Dedicated Dashboard has other features that we invite you to discover later.

Google SERP Analysis

This DSD feature set allows you to show your clients their website's positions in the Google SERP as well as the top pages and keywords they rank for. Besides, this analysis tool allows you to do an in-depth analysis of your competitors. The results of this analysis allow you to know the main competitors in the required niche, and also to know their traffic-generating keywords to get an idea of their promotion strategy.

Technical SEO Audit

This is another competitive advantage of our dedicated SEO dashboard. This feature allows you to perform complete website analysis. Everything from the technical audit including: 
  • The speed test
  • The plagiarism check
  • Site performance
 All this is available in the feature and is now under one roof. Your customers will love it!

SEO Reports

It is important to report every time an SEO service is performed. 

The Report Center tool is another unique feature of our dedicated SEO dashboard focused on innovation. It works by creating report delivery schedules for each of your clients individually. The benefit of this tool to your business is undeniable as it allows you to provide your clients with full SEO reports with your logo and brand name.

The DSD Administration Panel

The DSD Administration Panel is an all-in-one panel that is primarily intended for tracking statistics, customizing settings and managing leads. That said, you are free to create as many accounts here as you need, granting access to each member of your team. 

You can find these basic panel options in the Standard package. However, there may be times when you want to expand the customer base and manage your leads efficiently, in which case you don't have to worry about it, just make sure you consider our LeadGen add-ons.

How Does The Dedicated SEO Dashboard Work For Your Business?

If you run an SEO company, digital marketing service, web design, hosting service, or similar business, you need some professional tools to analyze websites and perform SEO audits to provide your partners with up-to-date information. Our SEO dashboard is just what you need. It contains a set of features that your customers can use free of charge with your company's domain name.

Who Can Benefit From Our Personalized White-Label Dashboard?

The SEO Dedicated Dashboard is a tool specifically designed to take the pressure off SEO agencies and freelance SEO professionals as well as Semalt resellers.

So if you are :
  • An SEO agency, with the dedicated analysis tools at hand, you will easily be able to stand out from the competition while increasing your customer base and expanding your business coverage.
  • An SEO freelancer, you can say goodbye to all those unreasonably priced analysis services that don't bring you any value. So, it's time to switch to our advanced free SEO tools based on Semalt technologies that will help promote your clients' SEO and bring tangible and lasting results.
  • A Semalt reseller, and you're eager to take business relationships with your customers to the next level, our dedicated white label dashboard is the must-have option. It will be a great addition to the Semalt Reseller Program we offer. Advance your success by partnering with Semalt.

Get A FREE 14-days Trial

To familiarize yourself with the SEO Dedicated Dashboard and witness its performance before committing to it, a 14-day free trial is given to you. During this period, you will have unlimited access to all the valuable services included in the Standard package during your trial period. Whether you need to track customer inquiries or manage prospect data, we have everything you need.

In Conclusion

You can spend many more hours on the advanced SEO Dedicated Dashboard options and features.

I will conclude by saying that SEO Dedicated Dashboard is a tool that is difficult to live without, certainly for the freaks of optimization and website speed. It makes it possible to find and debug problems in loading the site and, fixing these lead to a higher ranking in the search engines and a better and more correct user experience.

I hope this review on SEO Dedicated Dashboard provides a good enough foundation for you to start diving and optimizing your site, whether a WordPress site or not.

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